System Progressive Protection is a malware client that holds your computer for ransom.  It acts like  an antivirus client but in reality it’s the virus.  What makes this threat hard to remove for many is they are unable to user other antivirus clients. The way around this is to boot into safe mode with networking and run the antivirus software.

When it comes to removing this virus you can try Guide. For general information on viruses you can visit the home page.

Stopping the main .exe file from running is an easy way to eliminate this virus malware.  Finding the file name and where it is stored on your computer can be a very hard task.  In the link provided above shows where the current folder path is for this virus.

You may also want to try and do a system restore.  This little trick will often get the job done.  Another great tip is to log into a different user account.  Often times only 1 user account is infected so this makes it easy to run a virus scan under a different account.

Other information on this virus threat can be found at

While we do like free anti-virus clients, no free client is as good as a paid version of the software. In many cases having the anti-virus client would of stop this kind of infection. It’s very important to keep your operating system and any web browsers you are using like Internet Explorer or Firefox up to date. Taking a little caution when online like not downloading software from sites you do not trust can go a long way in preventing malware like System Progressive Protection.