What is Windows Virtual Security?

Windows Virtual Security is a fake security client. This is a malware program that is a descendant of other threats like http://www.removevirus.org/windows-virtual-angel. There are more than 50 other viruses that are closely associated to this one. When this program is re-released onto the internet, the name of the virus will change. This is to keep the virus under the radar.

Windows Virtual Security


How Did I get the Windows Virtual Security Computer infection?

The most probable way this virus got onto the computer is from not having any real antivirus protection. Don’t run the risk of getting a virus from the internet by having no antivirus protection. Free antivirus is seen as an option, but the truth is they offer as much protection as the paid versions. You want to get a paid version of an antivirus client so that you can be sure your computer system is protected against drive my virus attacks.┬áThis virus can be transmitted through a program that looks like a security update or a video update. It’s an undercover tactic that the virus makers use.

What is Windows Virtual Security Damaging?

Users don’t have to worry about losing their personal files to this virus. It does not send your personal info off to people who are not authorized to have it. This virus is extremely annoying it will take over your computer. The whole objective is to try and scare people into buying the program they say will solve this issue. This is not a real program. To buy this program is just what they want. It’s a waste of money. It’s important to remember that none of the notifications or scan results are real. Don’t worry about them at all. The best thing you can do is delete this virus from your computer.

How to Delete Windows Virtual Security

After your computer is bombarded with all these fake scan messages, you’ll want to pull your hair out. You may even be tempted to buy the program these people want you to buy. Don’t give into it. Instead erase the virus from the computer.