Personal Shield Pro is a fake antivirus program. It was designed to infect PCs while taking advantages of a known security hole in the Windows OS. Once it has infected a PC, it will generate some false positives that will kick any actual antivirus program to say there is a problem with the PC. This webpage has great infos about Personal Shield Pro.

All of that are false, unlike good and legit antivirus programs. It can pretend to be some genuine performance issue. Or it can claim your PC is under attack by some malware attack. Since this is not a real antivirus programs, those claims equal some social engineering attacks. In the guise of helpful software, it is nothing more than an attempt to get the user to purchase a fake anti-virus program. Check here to understand more about Security Shield 2011.

Sadly, is is really a rogue program. It is quite annoying, very damaging to your PC and will claim lots of false things. It will pose as a genuine malware program. This is a very bad and tricky application. Whenever you start your PC, this program will popup. Then you will get a full and fake report saying your computer has many viruses on it. While the truth is that your PC might be totally clean.

What this program wants is you to purchase the “Pro” version of it. With the promises to fix all those imaginary problems that you are constantly being warned about. The sad reality is that the paid version is not any better- it cannot delete any real problems part of your PC. The only real threat your PC might have is that Personal Shield Pro.

So you have to remove Personal Shield Pro from your system right now. With the help of Google search, you can find many webpages ready to help you delete this fake application in an easy and step by step process. This is not so difficult! This malware, although dangerous and clever, is not so difficult to delete. You will then get a fully functional PC 100% working free of this fake antivirus program.