What is Great AntiSpy 2012?

Great AntiSpy 2012 is a new virus. It’s a malware program and should be removed as soon as possible. If your computer is acting strange and you have pinpointed this malicious program as the reason, then you should know how to remove it. Removing the threat is the only way to make sure you can restore your computer back to normal.

The bad part is this scam was created to scam people out of money. Some people have already thrown their money away. Don’t let this be you. The best thing you can do is learn how you can stop a virus before it even starts.

What Does Great Antispy 2012 look when installed on a computer?

great antispy 2012

This is what may appear when the virus is on a computer. You can look and see what the interface is for this malware threat.

With all the viruses going around the internet, one of the most common questions people may ask is how How Did I get infected with Great AntiSpy 2012? The truth is there is more than one way that users can get infected with this virus. The main way people get this virus is by security weaknesses. There may be holes in more than one place. such as a web browser or quite possibly Java. If there is not adequate antivirus protection installed on the computer then this is how a virus can do a sneak attack on the system.

The Great AntiSpy 2012 Damage

Great AntiSpy 2012 gets on computers. After it is installed, it will execute and run. When it starts to run the user will begin to notice a lot of changes in the way your computer acts. There will be a lot of error messages as well. These are security warnings but they are definitely fake. However, when they bombard the computer it is scary. This virus will take over your computer so it can get you to make a purchase. But, no one should buy anything. Instead the virus should be deleted from the computer instead.

Delete Great AntiSpy 2012

There is more than one way to delete this virus from the pc. People can opt to remove it the manual way or the automatic virus removal way. If you are not familiar with computers, the manual way would be a little more tricky. If you want an easier option choose the automatic virus removal method. It’s a program that you download and it will remove it for you.

The manual virus removal technique can be used when you have a virus removal guide to walk you through how to remove the virus from the computer. Do not try to do this without a removal guide. You must be comfortable with tinkering around in the computer registry. That’s the way to remove it.

Great AntiSpy 2012 Manual Removal Guide

Use the manual removal guide below.


For automatic virus removal help use the link below.