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Ice Cyber Crime

A new threat has just hit this week. ICE Cyber Crimes Center is the latest malware to reach the market. Chances are this is going to spread around. A similar threat called FBI MoneyPak made the rounds the last few months and it infected tens of millions of computers. As with all viruses out there […]

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FBI MoneyPak Virus Strikes World Wide

As expected another larger malware client called FBI Money Pka is in full swing. Like many scams online it will fool many people. This malware client pretends to be part of the FBI and tells users they are in violation of copyright law and that they have to pay a fine. The major twist here […]

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XP Defender 2013 is a Virus!| How to Delete It

Viruses are everyone on the internet. They are growing exponentially in number all the time. This means everyone that uses their computer to surf the internet needs to be armed and protected against virtual viruses and their attacks. If you do not have anything to protect your system when you are online you increase the […]

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Delete Live Security Platinum

Live Security Platinum has just been released. The program is nothing more then a scam. We have located a good virus removal guide that cover the removal of this virus. http://www.removevirus.org/live-security-platinum guide will help. Nothing really new or unique about this threat. There are many different ways for a PC to get this virus installed. […]

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